ENTECRES Labs is the brainchild of group of research engineers along with some professors and educationalists. The core research team has been involved in various projects with renowned OEM's like Godrej, Bajaj Auto, Mahindra & Mahindra, Master Ignition etc.


It is our intention to bring to life Science and Mathematics through Engineering and Technology; to raise awareness of how important these subjects are to our future economic development and assist fellow educators to inspire our youngsters to become the next generation of technological innovators and enhance India's position as a world leader in the Scientific, Technological and Engineering economic sectors of the future.


Our mission is to provide teachers with innovative tools to aid students in the acquisition of core STEM knowledge and allow those students to apply that knowledge to real world situations through "thought, analysis, problem-solving, evaluation or creativity." In other words, STEM Applications wants to bring relevance to the classroom and demonstrates how math and science is used everyday in every subject, every class, and every career.