STEM Education & Need of the hour

STEM is a globally accepted concept implemented across 112 countries. The course has been designed to expose students to science & technology from a young age, to develop inclination towards these subjects. It aims at the over all development of a child. STEM is education for a new generation; an interdisciplinary approach to science, technology, engineering and mathematics using inquiry methods to develop problem-solving skills and draw real-world connections to the workforce and community.

The Works explains that STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and it's in everything we do. From fixing a bowl of cereal for breakfast and measuring the amount of mil, to designing rocket engines for NASA, STEM is involved in every aspect of our daily lives.

Why do we need STEM Education?

80% + of employers say that K-12 schools are not preparing students for the workplace.

75% + of students say they feel unprepared for college/career and that requiring more math & science would help.

Children are distracted by Internet, computer games, TV for about 30 Hrs a week in Wasteful Activities.

A recent news in Times of India (Jan 2012) states that in the program for International Student Assessment, India came 72nd out of 73 countries.

By 2018, computer & mathematical science occupations are projected to add 785,700 new jobs.

Less than 15% of high school students have enough math and science knowledge to pursue scientific/technical degrees in college.

What you can do? - If you are a ...


If you're a student, push your school to teach STEM classes & activities.


Educators, you should be teaching students the relevance of STEM in everyday life.


you parents, push your children to do well in STEM and avail them with resources.


Counselors, it's your job to promote students to persue STEM.